Welcome to the Bed Bug Detective Agency!

Why Use The Bed Bug Detective Agency?

Certified & Experienced

Our Certified K-9s are well trained and our handlers are certified to work with their assigned Bed Bug dogs. The handler and K-9 are a unit that works well together because they live together, train together and provide k-9 scent detection together. The most accurate results are from a paired team. The handler will know their dog and be able to properly interpret their behaviour. Plus the dog wants to please their owner.

Discreet & Confidential

No pest control trucks, no uniformed handlers, no vests that state”Bed Bug Dog”. Our handlers carry a photo ID. You will know they are there but your guests, customers, and neighbors will not. We blend. Our canine handler will be dressed appropriately for every situation. We do not call attention to ourselves or the work we are providing.

Independent & Honest

We work for Management companies, Hotel Operators, Movie Theatres, Home and Apartment owners, and the general public. It is your choice to choose a company for remediation. Our job is to represent YOU without pressure or influence. Our goal is to determine if you have an issue with Bed Bugs or not to the best of our teams’ ability. Period.

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