Do you think that you might have bed bugs in New York City? The Bed Bug Detective Agency is here to help. We provide reliable, confidential bed bug inspection services to businesses and individuals throughout New York. Our company of knowledgeable and Certified professional teams coupled with their bedbug dog has many years of experience detecting bed bugs, and we’re always up for a challenge.


New York City has a major dilemma with Bed bugs. Initially, bed bugs came to the Forefront in the early 2000s. Bed bugs became a huge predicament for hotels and offices as well as management companies that had tenants or owners under care. This is why the Bed Bug Detective Agency was formed. We provide discreet professional services to businesses and individuals who have Or think they have a Bed bug problem. We are the absolute best at what we do, and would love to help you find bed bugs.

Utilizing Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs In NYC

If you’re a hotel owner, Building manager, or management company operator in New York City, it’s crucial to make certain that your property is totally free of Bed Bugs. These troublesome insects can cause a lot of damage to your business because having bed bugs creates bad reviews. They also increase costs associated with running your business or building exponentially. Early detection saves money. Additionally, they could be very difficult to get rid of. That’s why it’s a good idea to have canine inspections for Bed Bug detection done on a regular basis. This is where the Bed Bug Detective Agency comes in. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of making use of dogs for Bed Bug detection and how they can help you keep your property, if not free, certainly at low levels.

Why Use Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs For your property inspection

A Bed Bug Dog has a keen sense of smell and can be trained to detect Bed Bugs in even the most hidden places. Visual property inspections usually Miss bed bugs. Dogs sniff out bed bugs only and not other household pests. Canine Bed bug inspections are far more thorough than old-fashioned methods of bed bug detection, for example, visual inspections. This is due to the fact that dogs have the capacity to pick up on the scent of Bed Bugs not relying on a manual inspection where infestations might not be obvious to the naked eye. Canine inspections can also be completed in a shorter amount of time, which in turn means that you can get your property treated rapidly and get rid of the bed bug infestation by employing an Exterminator of your preference.

Bed Bug Examination By Exterminators Compared To Bed Bug Dog

Pest Control professionals often employ a visual inspection to visual evidence like live eggs, and live bed bugs around the bed, mattress, couches, EZ chair and typically go by visual proof to ascertain the presence of bugs in a living area. During a visual property inspection, a tech is making use of his eyes while a canine is working on the scent of eggs and live bugs. The bed bug sniffing dog is so much more precise when checking out furniture. A dog’s nose paired with a great handler is the most ideal tool. A dog will get the scent of eggs, live bugs, and the canine will manage to check the bunk and surrounding places a lot faster without needing to disrupt anything. A canine team is just far better than a pest control professional at a bed bug assessment service. Bed bug inspections by a bed bug canine-certified team are considerably more precise due to the fact that a bed bug dog is depending on its sense of smell. Bed bug dogs showed a high degree of acuity seeking bed bugs because they’re best for scent detection. People rely on their eyes alone.

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Compliment Pest Control Service Provider

If you already have an Exterminating company that you’re using to eradicate Bed Bugs, having a canine evaluation might be an exceptional way to enhance those efforts. Bed Bug Dogs can locate Bed Bugs that are hiding in a tiny area. After treatment using their nose to identify the scent, bed bug dogs will locate Bed Bugs that visual inspection may overlook, and make certain that they are done away with totally. This will help prevent infestations from occurring again. No person wishes to find live bed bugs in their hotel room, apartment, office, furniture, or bed. Our qualified handlers search for bugs and pay attention when the dog signals for bed bugs. Especially on a large mattress, office equipment, large areas, or heavy furniture that is difficult to move, bed bug dogs find insects far more easily and do a better job. New Yorkers expect quality service and well-trained teams provide that service.

Other Benefits Of Making Use Of Bed Bug SNIFFING Dogs For Inspections

Another benefit of employing canine inspections for Bed Bug discovery is that they’re non-invasive. This means that you won’t need to stress over disturbing your clients or interfering with your business affairs. The Bed Bug Detective Agency blends in. You will know that we are there checking for bed bugs. The bedbug dogs will be collaborating with his Handler, but the Nearby residents won’t know a thing. The dog will search thoroughly, not only your home or apartment but pay special attention to the bedroom and any place bed bugs may be hiding for the presence of live bed bugs or viable eggs.


Bed Bug inspection dogs will signal on the scent or odor of bus or eggs during the inspection. We know bed bugs have the ability to hide really well. The discovery of bugs using a dog detect scent on a mattress allows us to detect low levels allowing you to get treatment before it turns into a major problem. With the presence of scent the bed bug dog will sniff and alert revealing the presence of bugs. This will notify the Handler. This then gets reported. You can then call your pest control company to treat.

Discreet Bed Bug Sniffing Teams

If you’re shopping for an efficient way to find Bed Bugs in NYC, think of using a canine Bed Bug inspection team. Not only are they proficient and comprehensive, but they’re also non-invasive. Canine inspections can help you keep your residential or commercial property free of these troublesome pests, which is essential for the success of your business. The Pest Control industry has a motivation to find bedbugs. We have a reward to inspect thoroughly for bugs and eggs and give an honest and very discreet assessment.

Our bed bug examinations have No agenda behind them and there’s no enticement for us to find bed bugs, In contrast to pest control companies. Our Well-trained scent bed bug canines are more than happy to look for their handlers and their noses will detect the signs of bedbugs irrespective of where they’re hiding out. Reach Out To The Bed Bug Detective Agency today to learn more about our canine inspection services!


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