Common Questions About Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

How much does a bedbug dog inspection cost?

How much does a bedbug dog inspection cost is a common question that we got? The answer to that question is it depends on the size of the area being searched, whether you need more than one canine or handler, and what is involved as far as travel time and complexity. Due to their speed and accuracy bedbug dogs are actually much more affordable than hiring a technician. This is because they can clear a room in 5 minutes or less typically. So when people ask how much a bedbug or how much is a bedbug dog inspection we always try to get the details on the area that we’re searching so that we can give them a quote over the phone. So give us a call let us know what we’re doing for you and we can give you a price before we show up and of course there’s no funny business.

How To Train A Bed Bug Sniffing Dog?

Training a bedbug sniffing dog can be a complex undertaking. First you have to have the right type of dog. Not all dogs are going to qualify as a bedbug sniffing dog. The important thing is that they have a high play drive. We want a dog that’s slightly hyperactive. We need to get these things done and we need to be able to count on this dog to work and keep going when it is required. So how to train a bedbug sniffing dog? With lots of love, encouragement, pets, and treats. The dog really has to enjoy his work so it always has to be a positive experience. People that are readily annoyed rarely make a good handler. You have to understand that the dog is always working as hard as he can for you. Usually if there are mistakes made it’s the handler that is doing it not the dog. But typically we start out with scented towels. Towels that smell like bedbugs. From there we move into toys and items that we can hide things in and then we introduced the lead and then we introduce the detailing of the room. Each step is done incrementally and eventually you end up with a well trained highly motivated and happy bedbug scent canine

How to prepare for a bed bug dog inspection.

How to prepare properly for a bed bug dog inspection. The important thing is to minimize distractions. So that means if you have another pet living in the home whether it be a dog or a cat those should be put away in a separate area so that there is no interaction between them and the bed bug dog doing the bed bug inspection. Also, all food should be up off the floor. Dogs love food. They would rather eat than work so having no food present in a dog or cat food bowl or someone cooking food in the kitchen is a good place to start. Also, dog toys cat toys children’s toys any type of toy should be off the floor and the place should be in a moderate sense of cleanliness and non-clutter. We need to be able to walk around the perimeter of beds chairs couches and other types of furniture and if there’s lots of clutter present that just makes the job more difficult. Doesn’t have to be perfect but some semblance of neatness would really help make the inspection go faster and the results will be much more accurate. Just a note you are always welcome to be present during the canine inspection. It’s very interesting to watch a dog at work. Prior to inspection all windows and doors should be closed for at least an hour prior to inspection fans should be turned off and the air should be still. Prior to us providing an inspection we will give you a fully detailed bedbug inspection preparation sheet where most of the things previously mentioned are included.

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